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One thing which tablet users always complain about is that they can’t use WhatsApp on their device.Even you can’t download WhatsApp for iPad. If you’re having an iPad then it isn’t possible through any way rather than jailbreaking your iPad and gaining system access to do the thing. Have a look on WhatsApp for PC with windows 7/8.

Jailbreaking an iOS device is against Apple’s policies while Android doesn’t take it seriously. So if you’re having an Android tablet then installing WhatsApp is pretty easily by rooting your device and no one is going to point at you.

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But when it comes to an iPad then you need to worry a little bit. But not worry long since I’m sharing a complete simple guide which you need to follow and get your job done easily.


Yes, you can download WhatsApp for iPad free without jailbreak and that too almost instantly. It is possible now through one application and a slight trick which isn’t any hack and it isn’t going to affect health of your device either.

Requirements to Download WhatsApp for iPad:

You simply need few things to make this thing happen at your iPad.

  1. First, you need an iPhone. If you don’t have then you can borrow it from a friend for few minute.
  2. Second, you need i-funbox application installed on your computer which is available over here.
  3. Third, you need iTunes installed on your computer which is available through Apple’s official website and make sure you’re logged into their with your Apple account.
  4. Fourth, you off course need an iPad.


Download WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreak

Once you’re ready with these four things then you simply need to follow whatever steps I had shared down here as it is.

  • Take iPhone and insert a new SIM card in there which is yours, the one which you’ll be using for your iPad.
  • Install a fresh version of WhatsApp by deleting older one and reinstalling it again through iTunes.
  • Once WhatsApp is installed then connect your iPhone through computer via USB cable.

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  • Open i-funbox application and within its user interface you’ll find an option something like Installed apps or User apps. Click on that!
  • Next a sub-window will open, select WhatsApp from there and open its folder.
  • From that folder copy all files and folders lying there and paste them all together in a separate folder on desktop.
  • Remove iPhone connection once transfer is complete and now its time to start iTunes application on your computer.
  • Start iTunes and use its search tool to find out WhatsApp app. Lastly download WhatsApp installation file.
  • Find out location where WhatsApp installation files are stored and cut them from there and paste them again in a separate folder on Desktop. (C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\) for Windows and (~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/) for Mac.
  • Connect your iPad via USB cable and start i-funbox application again.
  • Within i-funbox app find out option to install application. Click on that and then select WhatsApp installation package you downloaded just now. Within few seconds WhatsApp will be installed on your iPad now.
  • Last thing to do is to replace folders of WhatsApp on your iPad with the one you placed on desktop earlier. Folder can be accessed through installed apps option on iPad through i-funbox again.

So this was the complete method and I hope you didn’t found any trouble and also got the job done i.e. downloaded WhatsApp for iPad without jailbreak. Geekmero teams hope that you like our blog of Android Apps for PC Geekmero

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