How to Get Android Apps for PC with YouWave?

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Out of the available Android emulators one of the best is YouWave which is a premium software and it comes with a price and dedicated support system. Yes you need to purchase YouWave to completely use its all features while you can off course start using it for free for the first week which will give you an idea of what this software all about and whether its premium version is worth or not.

Hey guys, welcome here on installation guide to learn how to get Android apps for PC with YouWave. Yes, you read it right. You can actually and literally install Android apps on PC using this YouWave software. I’ll let you know exactly how you can do that thing. This guide is also applicable on WhatsApp for PC

How to Install Android apps using YouWave

An Android emulator is a software which boots Android OS on your Windows computer (it does it by itself, you don’t need to worry about actual process). Once this emulator is installed then installing Android apps and games on your computer is pretty easy.

About YouWave software

Let me first introduce you with the software so that you can get to know its basic land otherwise you may face some troubles.

YouWave is an Android emulator which is available with a price tag and it provides a platform using which Android apps and games can be installed on computer without any effort.

It comes with a dedicated support system which is very essential since people face lots of issues with such emulators but YouWave users not to worry about such things as they got support system to help them.

YouWave is updated continuously with latest versions of Android coming out (being launched by Google). With every new version this software becomes more stable and better in design since Android itself is becoming better and standard.

YouWave Installation Guide

So this was about YouWave and you can come to know everything else about it as you start using it.

Get Android Apps for PC with YouWave

Now I’ll be sharing actual process with you so that you can download Android apps for PC with YouWave. Simply follow the simple steps as mentioned down here and within few minutes you’ll be able to perform everything without facing any issues.

  1. First thing to do is to update graphics driver version of your computer. You can find graphics driver from Control Panel and in Display settings. Make sure they are updated to latest available versions.
  2. Next is to visit official website of YouWave and download its installer package which is free.
  3. Next is to click on installer package you downloaded (once its downloaded completely) and then its installation process will begin.
  4. To complete the installation package you need to follow on screen instructions and within few minutes it will be installed.
  5. You can ignore when it prompt you to pay the price and continue using it for free initially.
  6. Now open browser app within YouWave and then visit Google play store (
  7. Now find out any app you need to install and then click on install option in front of that to finish its installation process from your side.
  8. Rest that app will be downloaded and installed automatically and you’ll find its shortcut in the Menu Drawer within YouWave.

And that’s it! No other thing is to worry about now and I hope you did everything with ease.

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