Tutorial to Install Android Apps on PC using Bluestacks

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When it comes to installing Android apps on PC then first name which comes into my mind and in lots of other people’s mind is BlueStacks. Am I right?

BlueStacks is one of the best solution available for users using which they can install any Android app on their computer and then start using it easily. You’re going to find complete tutorial over here on how to install Android apps on PC using BlueStacks and believe me you’re not going to find any trouble.


There are some technical standards of BlueStacks (requirements) which needs to be meet otherwise some issues and troubles occur. If you’re facing any such thing then let me know and I’ll bring the solution as soon as I can via comment section. You can apply this guide on our app – WhatsApp for PC also.

So this is not just going to be a guide but a complete solution where you’ll find answer to each and every query you have related to this topic. Are you ready for this installation now?

Install Android Apps on PC using BlueStacks

Well there are certain requirements which you need to concentrate on first. You need to have a Windows OS running PC which is having a working internet connection and off course you.

The one major requirement for BlueStacks to run successfully on any Windows computer is to have its graphics driver working on latest version. If version is old then you may face some issues related to that.


Here are finally the steps you need to follow to start installation of first BlueStacks software and then any Android app you wish to use on computer like WhatsApp, Viber, CamScanner, etc.

  1. First thing to do is to off course download BlueStacks software. It is available on its official website for free and it’s complete genuine software so you can trust upon it. You can either believe me or believe millions of other users.
  2. Once you have BlueStacks installation package downloaded on your computer then you need to click on that.
  3. Installation process will start and you need to simply follow some on screen instructions which are common as of any other software you had installed previously on your Windows computer.
  4. Once BlueStacks is installed then next thing to do is to start it. Once you find it running then you’ll be asked to login with your Google account. Provide credentials and you’ll be finish off setting BlueStacks.
  5. Now you’ll find a search tool within BlueStacks. Use that to find any Android app you wish to install now.
  6. Say you want to install WhatsApp, search for this app and once you found it in the search tool then click on that. Make sure internet connection is working.
  7. Now once you’re there on the Google play store listing of WhatsApp then click on install option on that and within few minutes it will be downloaded and then installed automatically.

And that’s it! You’re done with the tutorial and I hope you learned it practically. If you haven’t start following it yet then start and if found something error or confusing then let me know via comment section. Do visit Geekmero – Android Apps on PC again.

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